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The purpose of this campaign is to raise money for GraceWorks Ministries, a vital Williamson non-profit, so that it can continue to supply for the needy of Williamson County, TN. Our campaign was so successful last year that we are excited to bring it back!


Dr. Foley, Dr. Jones, and the team at Nina Foley Dental Associates are dedicated to helping GraceWorks carry out its mission. Please help us by donating through one of the two campaigns below. Your donations go to GraceWorks regardless of the campaign you select. The Nina Foley Dental Associates campaign is offering "rewards" to encourage donations for GraceWorks. We appreciate your support!

Register your individual fundraising campaign and invite friends to donate.

GraceWorks Ministries

GraceWorks assists struggling Williamson County neighbors with food, clothing, rent, utilities and other basic needs. Qualified clients may also receive financial or material assistance for medications, household items,…

Nina Foley Dental Associates

Nina Foley Dental Associates is pleased to be the sponsor of this website to help GraceWorks Ministries raise funds for its purpose of servicing the needy of Williamson County, TN. To…

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